Optera/EVO: VMS Compatibility Summary


What VMS platforms support the Optera and EVO series of cameras.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Optera 180 / 270 / 360
    • IMM12018 / IMM12027 / IMM12036
  • EVO 5
  • EVO 12
  • Digital Sentry
    •  DSSRV / DSSRV2 - v7.12
  • VideoXpert  Enterprise v1.8
  • VideoXpert Professional
    • VxPro v1.0.0.3271


Optera and Oncam Grandeye VMS compatibility.


The following table summarizes the most recent Optera and Panomersive Viewer version numbers and Optera’s compatibility with various internal and external VMS platforms.


DS - DigitalSentry

  • Oncam Grandeye EVO05 360 series cameras require Digital Sentry server software version 7.5.609 or greater.
  • Oncam Grandeye EVO12 360 series cameras require Digital Sentry server software version 7.12.156 or greater.
  • Optera IMM12018 (180°) cameras require Digital Sentry server software version 7.10.247 or greater.
  • Optera IMM120270 / IMM12036 (270° / 360°) cameras require Digital Sentry server software version 7.12.156 or greater


VxP - VideoXpert Professional

  • Optera IMM12 series cameras are supported natively from release version or greater.
  • Oncam Grandeye EVO 360 series cameras require software version or greater.


VxE - VideoXpert Enterprise

VideoXpert Enterprise using Digital Sentry recorder for storage (using the Digital Sentry camera drivers)
VideoXpert v1.8 paired with the new Digital Sentry v7.12 or greater storage now adds support for Optera 270°/360° and EVO 12. Digital Sentry v7.12 specifications are as follows:

  • Continuous Recording:
    • Up to 8 EVO 5 /EVO 12
    • Up to 6 Optera 180/270/360

  • Live Panoramic Decoding:
    • 6 EVO 5
    • 4 EVO 12
    • 2 Optera 180/270/360

VideoXpert Enterprise v1.8 with VideoXpert Storage (VXS) - using camera drivers within VXS)
Additionally, VideoXpert 1.8 or greater now provides native support for viewing and recording the Optera 180° camera.

VideoXpert Enterprise 1.10 and above (cameras drivers added into Core - storage server not required for live video viewing)
Added native support for all IMM12 Optera series cameras
Oncam Grandeye Evo 360's require a VideoXpert Storage unit (VXS) - using VXS camera drivers) for VX support.