ExSite and internal fiber module options


  • Can I use the FSV10D1xxx module with the ExSite cameras?
  • What fiber module is the ExSite camera compatible with?
  • Are the new fiber modules compatible with my ExSite system?
  • Can I install the FSV10D1 fiver modules in my ExSite?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • FS85011
  • FSV10D1
  • ExSite all analog models.


Clarification about what fiber modules can be used in the ExSite systems. The fiber modules that are external to the ExSite can be used as long as they are properly installed. This would include local authority rules for installation. Subject to explosion proof standards. Usually in an explosion proof box


The ExSite camera systems are only compatible with the FS85011 fiber modules as of July of 2013. The new FSV10D1 fiber modules cannot be used with the ExSite systems.

At the same time, the ExSite camera systems cannot have the fiber module installed in the field. The fiber module must be installed at the factory at the time of ordering.