How to add a HikVision IP Camera to a Digital Sentry system using ONVIF.


How to add a HikVision IP Camera to a Digital Sentry system using ONVIF?

HikVision IP camera locks out the web interface user account for 30 minutes after DS Quick Setup runs or tries to authenticate.

"The account is locked. Please try again 30 minutes later".

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • DSSRV / DSSRV2  - 7.2.30 and above.
  • DS NVs
  • HikVision
    • DS-2CD2132F-I
    • DS-2CD2332-I
    • DS-2CD2142FWD-IS
  • Platinum by LTS
    • CMIP7422-28M


Adding a HikVision IP camera using ONVIF communication requires time sync for password authentication.


Digital Sentry 7.2.30 - 7.4.363 supports ONVIF 1.2
Digital Sentry 7.5.609 - latest supports ONVIF Profile S

HikVision IP cameras running firmware version V5.2.0 and above require time syncronization as well as may lock out the user account if DS Quick Setup is run.

  1. If the cameras have already been added to the system, open DS Admin (Start > All Programs > Pelco) and deactivate or delete the cameras (VAU > click on VAU name > IP cameras tab).
  2. If the user account has been locked and does not allow login, power cycle the camera to immediately unlock the account.
  3. Connect to the cameras web interface using a web browser, after logging in navigate to Configuration > Advanced Configuration > Security > Security Service tab.
  4. Uncheck Enable Illegal Login Lock and then click Save.

  5. The time needs to be synchronized with the Digital Sentry recorder.  Navigate to Basic Configuration > System > Time Settings tab.

    ONVIF requires the time to be sync'd within 5 minutes.
  6. Recommended is to configure a NTP server with either a local server or if there is internet access to use a public server such as
    1. Configure the correct Time Zone.
    2. If there is no way to sync with a NTP server, use the Manual Time Sync. option and select "Sync. with computer time".
    3. Save

  7. Reboot the camera from the web interface Basic Configuration > System > Maintenance
  8. Wait for the camera to fully reboot, then run DS Quick Setup and select "Add / Remove IP cameras - Keep existing configuration".    
  9. Check the Record box for the camera and under the Authentication tab enter the correct user credentials for the camera. Click the Validate button and make sure DS Quick Setup responds with "Validated successfully".
  10. Select the Quality tab and wait for the correct resolutions to be listed (can take a minute), there should also be a preview image now being displayed.  Go ahead and add the camera normally to the system with desired settings.