DSSRV booting to a flashing cursor after running recovery.


  • Flashing cursor on the screen after the USB recovery has been ran.  

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DSSRV Series
  • DSSRV2 Series


Corrupted BIOS not seeing the correct boot order or wrong recovery USB was used.


1. Reset the Bios

  1. Start pressing the delete button on the DSSRV keyboard while booting up.
  2. Navigate to the Save & Exit.
  3. Select "Restore Defaults"

  4. When prompt Select Yes for "Load Optimized Defaults?" 
  5. Select "F4" for Save & Exit " setup menu.
  6. Select Yes for "Save configuration and Exit?

2. This can also happen if recovery 7.7 or newer recovery is run on a DSSRV. 7.6 is the newest version that can be run on a DSSRV. 7.7 and newer recovery is for DSSRV2 servers.
     Refer to How to create a bootable USB key to re-image a DSSRV for correct version and steps to create the USB recovery.