Configuring a VideoXpert Ops Center with 3rd party hardware.


A guide is needed for configuring an Ops Center with 3rd party hardware.

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Pelco Video Management




New Ops Center installation with 3rd party hardware


  1. If building an Ops Center client machine with 3rd party hardware, be sure to meet or exceed the specifications of our Ops Center hardware. 

    Processor: Intel® Xeon® E3-1275 v3, 64bit CPU

    Memory: 8 GB DDR3 Non-ECC (2x 4GB dual channel) Note:Failing to use dual-channel memory may result in lowered performance when viewing video on local monitors.

    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit or later

    Storage: 120GB SSD

    Graphics: Intel HD Graphics P4700 or better

  2. Download and install .NET Framework version 4.x.  Download Here

  3. Order a Matrox Card (PB08-1516-0001),  Matrox Splitter Cable (CN17-8511-1001G) and  2x VGA Terminators(CN17-8311-1001G)

  4. From the clients BIOS, set the primary monitor to the Integrated video card. This step can vary depending on the manufacturer of your motherboard.

  5.  Install the Matrox PowerDesk Software and Matrox driver found here on the client.

  6. For 4-Monitor Configurations proceed to LL#17514

  7. For 6-Monitor Configurations proceed to LL#17395


Your system must meet the minimum requirements and have Microsoft®.NET 4.5 or later installed before you can install the Ops Center Client application.