DSSRV fails to boot from the USB Recovery Key.


  • DSSRV boots up to Windows instead of booting up to the system recovery.
  • Error message please change boot option to use UEFI.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DSSRV first gen only
    • (Does not apply to DSSRV2)


The created USB recovery key is missing the EFI, images and the sources folders.


NOTE:  Verify boot order

  • JBOD Configuration = 1st Boot [UEFI: USB FLASH DRIVE]
  • RAID Configuration = 1st Boot [USB: USB FLASH DRIVE]

To resolve the problem:

  1. Extract the downloaded folder (DSSRV_v1_USB_Recovery_Final_7.6.32.zip) again.
  2. Copy the missing folders (EFI, images and sources) to the USB key.
  3. Run the DSSRV system recovery process again.
  4. Verify it is now loading Windows files.
  5. Verify it is now booting up to the recovery options.
  6. Complete the system recovery process.


Good image on the USB key: