How to pressurized the ES31PCBW24 in the field.


The ES31PCBW24 is displaying Low Pressure.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • ES31P Series 
  • ES41P Series 


The pressure inside the IOC installed in the ES31PCB24 has dropped below 1 psig.


Momentarely clear the Low Pressure Alert:

Enter the camera menu by programming preset number 95. View Lessons Learned LL#11203.

To turn OFF or Reset the Low Pressure Alert mesage from the display follow steps listed on Lessons Learned Article LL#14088.


To Correct the problem: 

The ES31PCBW24 will need to be sent in for repair to Pelco as calibration is required after pressurizing the IOC.

To send the ES31P or ES41P series in for repair please follow the steps listed on Leassons Learned Article LL#11086.