How to delete ControlPointCache file on a client pc.


  • Unable to undock a display in DS ControlPoint.
  • DS Control Point crashes when camera are drag into viewing panel.
  • DS ControlPoint crashes when try to launch.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DSSR
  • DSSRV2
  • DS ControlPoint


The DS control point cache file is corrupted


NOTE:  The following steps will remove the systems listed in DS ControlPoint System list.  If needed; first note down the systems name and TCP/IP addresses so you can use it to add the systems back into the system list.

  1. Close DS ControlPoint.
  2. Click the Start menu.
  3. Select RUN.
  4. Type %appdata%\pelco and press the ENTER key.
  5. Delete the controlpoint cacheXML file.
  6. Repaeat steps two through four and change the the path to %appdata%\Integral to remove any possible old DSCP cacheXML file.
  7. Launch DS ControlPoint.
  8. Add the DS Sentry DVR to the system list.
  9. Verify the Undock icon is now listed.