VideoXpert: How to use the view launcher.


Views need to be sent from one OpsCenter to another.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


VideoXpert 1.10
Multiple OpsCenter clients


An administrator needs a specific operator to quicly view a set of cameras.


Important notes:

  • Any current Tab (including Investigation) can be sent to another OpsCenter by clicking File then selecting Send To.

  • Be careful when sending views from a multi monitor OpsCenter to a single monitor OpsCenter. The views will be stacked as shown below.

  • This feature requires each OpsCenter be uniquely named. Click the triangle on the upper right of Mission Control then select Client Administration. Validate a unique name is present.

To use the View Launcher:

  1. Click the triangle on Mission Control then select View Launcher.

  2. Click the drop down under View and select a saved view.

  3. Under Destinations click the drop down next to Add and select an OpsCenter client or shared display.

    Force Acceptance: A user with appropriate permissions can force the client to accept the view.
  4. Click Launch. The status column will display if it was successful.