Pelco Optera (IMM Series) cameras are not correctly displaying live video in Endura Workstation Software


Pelco Optera IMM Series cameras are showing up in Endura Workstation multiple times.  3 instances for the 180 model, 5 instances for the 270 model, and 6 instances for the 360 model.
Optera 180 camera for example, Stream 1 displays 2 images with no option to enable immersive view

Optera 180 camera for example, Stream 2 and 3 displays the message "Current layout cannot display the selected video stream.  To view, switch to single camera layout or modify stream configuration."


Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Endura Systems
  • Endura Workstation WS5200 version  For Best performance use WS5080 or compatible hardware.
  • Optera IMM Series cameras - All Models version and older


Pelco Optera IMM Series cameras and older did not include Optera Compatibility Mode (Tiled Mode)


For details on the 3 steps below, see Lessons Learned Article LL#18882.  View the article here

  1. Update the IMM Series camera to version or newer.  See IMM Optera Series Panoramic IP Camera Home Page here
  2. Change the Optera Compatibility Mode to Tiled.
  3. Replace the VideoLayouts.xml file on Endura WS5200 or VideoLayoutsDUI.xml file on VCD5202, and NET5402R-HD

    Note:  For best results in an Endura environement (using a WS5080 or better), use a 2x2 layout to display the full panorama of Optera tiles side-by-side.  You must be running a version of the Workstation software later than 2.7.0 to use 3x2 layout, allowing you to piece together a full 180/360 tiled panorama.  Using the current Endura Workstation (WS5080), you can watch Optera tiles in a 2x2 layout; larger layouts may cause streams to drop.  There is no option to PTZ/dewarp the tiles in Endura.