Video from Exsite camera is too dark or almost completely black.


Video from Exsite camera is too dark to make out any detail.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Analog Exsite PTZ
  • Analog Exsite fixed


Video from the Exsite analog camera is too dark due to the auto iris level setting is too low.


Important Note: before adjusting iris level settings in the camera, make sure the video feed from the camera is properly terminated.


Adjust the auto iris level to provide an adequate image by using the following process:

  1. Enter the camera's OSD programming menu by using set or program preset 95 from your system's controller
    • Please refer to your system's documentation regarding using PTZ functions.
    • Use tilt up/down to move the menu pointer
    • Use Iris Open to select the menu items
  2. Navigate to: Unit Settings -> Camera -> Advanced Settings -> Auto Iris Level
  3. Use Iris Open to select the Auto Iris Level option
  4. Use the system's controller tilt up and down control to raise or lower the setting to attain desired picture brightness
  5. Use Iris Open to save the setting and return to menu navigation
  6. Use Iris Close to navigate to Exit, then use Iris Open to select and exit the OSD menu.