VideoXpert: How to obtain service for the Enhanced Decoder or the Accessory Server.


The D09U has failed in the field and needs to be serviced.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • D09U-A1-DEC


  • The D09U has hardware issue.
  • The D09U has a failed Fan.
  • The D09U will not power on.


Do not send the unit back to Pelco for service.

There are 2 ways to get services for the D09U.

  1. Go to and fill out a support case with Dell.
  2. Call Pelco Product Support and we will open a ticket with Dell to have them ether go to your site and repair the decoder or get a RMA to send it in for repair.

Once the D09U is fixed it may need to be reimaged. To reimage the Enhanced Decoder see LL#17307
To add it back into a 4 monitor OpsCenter see LL#17514.
To add it back into a 6 monitor OpsCenter see LL#17395.

To reimage the Accessory Server contact Product Support @ 1-800-289-9100.