VideoXpert: How to obtain service for the Enhanced Decoder, Accessory Server or NSM5300.


There is a hardware failure of some kind with the Dell hardware.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert - Enhanced Decoder D09U and D10U
  • VideoXpert - Accessory Server
  • NSM5300
  • VXPro


A hardware failure of some kind exists with the unit. 


Do not send the unit back to Pelco for service.

To check the warranty status:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Support then Warranty or click here
  3. Enter the service tag from the unit then click Submit.
    • For enhanced decoders and accessory servers, the service tag is on the side of the unit.
    • For NSM5300, the service tag is on the back of the unit above the VGA port.
  4. The warranty information will be displayed as shown below.


To obtain service:

Contact Dell at 1-866-362-5350 (24/7) and provide the service tag or Express Service Code from the unit. Depending on the issue they may dispatch a technician onsite after their remote diagnosis.


Once the hardware has been repaired, it may be necessary to reimage the unit using the below articles.

How to reimage the Accessory Server

How to reimage a D09U enhanced decoder

How to reimage a D10U enhanced decoder

How to reimage an Endura NSM5300 using the included bootable USB Flash Drive