Saving the CM6800E settings using CM6800 System MGR.


The CM6800E losses its settings when it powers down due to bad backup battery.
Need to save the CM6800E configuration settings in case of a system failure.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management, Pelco Matrix


  • CM6800E Series
  • CM6800-MGR


The CM6800E backup battery is bad.


To save the CM6800E configuration settings,

  1. Start the CM6800-MGR .
  2. The CM6800-MGR Splash Screen appears.
  3. The Language screen appears.
  4. Select the Language.
  5. The Log-in window appears.
  6. Logi-in using the default password 2899100.
  7. Click the OK button.
  8. The CM6800-MGR Main window appears.

Save the Settings:
Once you have selected the appropriate entries for each field on a CM6800-MGR window or page, save the entries on the currently
displayed window or page by clicking Save.
The Save button saves entries on the currently displayed window or page only. You must save your entries from each window or
page as you make changes.


Receive Settings from the CM6800 switcher
The CM6800-MGR provides two options for receiving programming settings from the CM6800 switcher:
• Receive settings from the CM6800 switcher for an individual CM6800-MGR window or page.
  Click Receive to receive the settings only for the currently displayed window or page

NOTE: When a window or page provides configuration settings for more than one instance, such as the Define Camera window and the Priority page,
            click Receive All to save configuration settings for all instances.

• Use Receive All on the System page From the System page, click Receive All to receive all settings from the switcher to the CM6800-MGR

NOTE: Before using the Receive All function, Pelco recommends that you prevent any macros or sequences from running on the CM6800
           switcher while you are saving settings to the CM6800-MGR. A macro or sequence could disrupt the transmission from the CM6800 switcher