Does Pelco Mobile support Optera IP cameras on Digital Sentry recorders.


Connect Pelco Mobile directly to Optera 180, 270 or 360.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Pelco Mobile
  • Optera
    • 180 IMM12018
    • 270 IMM12027
    • 360 IMM12036


Optera IP cameras use multiple streams to generate one view, camera shows a stacked or rotating display.


Pelco Mobile currently does NOT SUPPORT Optera IP cameras on Digital Sentry recorders.  

What displays (not supported):

You can use Pelco Mobile connected to a DS system to view Optera IP Cameras but images will not display correctly, you may experince images rotating or lines in the camera image.

Optera 180 in a stacked view (one image on top of the other).

Optera 270 and 360 will cycle through each lens (view).

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