Unable to program a Preset Tour using the DX Series Client connected to a DX8100.


DX8100 Client allows you to hit the PGM button to call up Preset Tour Group. (Select Set [turns blue] the select PGM.)

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX8000 - all versions
  • DX8100 -all versions
  • DX Series Client v2.1.0.0044


  • DX Series Client does call up the Preset Tour Group when selecting PGM, the Camera menu comes up instead.
  • Manual shows to call the Preset Tour to select Preset on the PTZ control menu on the DX Series Client.


DX Series Client does not support Preset Tour call up.

Configure and call your Preset Tours using the DX8100/DX8000 or using the DX8100/DX8000 Client.

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