VideoXpert: How to change the Logging Level on a VideoXpert Storage Device (VXS).


You need to enable additional logging to troubleshoot a VXS issue.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


VXS version 1.11


Additional logging must be enabled when troubleshooting VXS issues.


Logs for the VXS can be found here:"C:\ProgramData\Pelco\Storage\logs\storage-app.log"

Perform the following steps to change the debug level for logging on the VXS:

  1. Open command prompt and type "telnet localhost 6666" and hit enter

  2. At the Welcome to Apache Felix Gogo screen, type "log:set debug" to change the logging to DEBUG
    as shown below

    *NOTE: You do not need to restart the VXS services as the log level changes happen immediately
    after setting the log level

  3. Once you are done with logging debug and you want to set the level back, type "log:set error" to set the default log level.