VideoXpert: How to install the VideoXpert Storage (VXS) hardware.


How to properly install the rack rail equipment with a VideoXpert Storage (VXS) device.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert Storage
    • E1/U1-VXS-48TB/72TB/96TB


Installation of the VideoXpert Storage (VXS) hardware.


Parts Included:

Equipment needed for Installation:


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Product Overview: Rear


Installing the hardware:

Recommended installation order:

  1. Install the unit in a rack.
  2. Insert the drive carriers
  3. Connect power and network
  4. Turn the unit on.



Rack-Mounting using the included Rack Rails:

Overview of the rack installation.  

Rack installation notes:

  • There are stickers on the inside of the inner rails which indicate (L)eft or (R)ight, it is important to keep the rails in the correct orientation.
  • There are 3 levels of the RAIL system:
    • Inner = connects directly to the VXS Storage hardware.
    • Middle = slides within the outer rails to allow for movement of the VXS hardware and can extend a total of 14 inches, also the connection point for the inner rails.
    • Outer = the heavy duty rail structure that connects to the equipment rack.  The rail system will fit racks from 27" to 36" deep.
  • The Outer rack rails are designed to mount to a "Square Hole" rack, there are adapters included to mount to a "Threaded hole" rack if needed. 

    Image of the Threaded to Square hole Adapters

    The open end should face the inside when attached.

  • Make sure to locate the plastic bag labeled "Rail" from the accessory box when unboxing the VXS Storage hardware.

    Image of the included fasteners for the rack rails.

    x2 1/4" screws attach the Inner rails (1 for each side)
    x8 1/2" screws and washers connect the Outer rails to the rack.
    x2 1" screws secure the rail handles/ears to the rack rails.


Refer to the VideoXpert Storage installation manual for more detailed information:!Manual!11006/tab/documents

Connect the VXS hardware to the network:

At a minimum, you must connect the following before starting the unit.

  • Either power supply
  • USB keyboard
  • Primary network interface (DHCP by default)



Turning on and add the VXS storage to the VideoXpert System:

Ensure that all drives are installed before you start the unit. When you first start the unit, it will create a single virtual disk at D:\ in which
to store your video. During initialization of the drive array, the blue LEDs will flash rapidly; initialization does not impact recording operations.
After several hours, flashing will slow to show normal disk activity.

 Before you add Storage to VideoXpert®, you must log in and ensure that the unit has obtained an IP address and configure NTP.

  1. Turn the unit on.
  2. Log in to Windows. The default user name is pelco and the default password is Pel2899100.
  3. Ensure that the unit is assigned an IP address on the VideoXpert network. By default, the unit obtains an address over DHCP, but
    you can manually assign an IP address and Host name.
  4. Point the unit to the NTP server on the VideoXpert network. Your Storage server and all VideoXpert components must be
    time-synchronized to ensure the proper recording and retrieval of video
    • Click Start, select Programs and then run Edit NTP Configuration as an administrator. Provide the address of your NTP Server.
    • Manually edit the C:\Program Files (x86)\NTP\etc\ntp.conf file and add a line containing server {IP of NTP server} iburst. 
      Save and close the file.
  5. Restart the unit.
  6. After the system restart, verify successful time sync using the Quick NTP Status app (Start > Search > Quick NTP Status).


Add the Storage using Admin Portal:

You must prompt VideoXpert to discover and add Storage before you can assign cameras and begin recording. Refer to the VideoXpert
Admin Portal guide for information about assigning cameras to recorders

  1. Log in to the VideoXpert Admin Portal.
  2. Go to the Devices page.
  3. Click Add and select Discover and Add Pelco Devices. The system will search for and add your Storage server as Pelco Storage Server. The Admin
    Portal may not refresh devices; you can manually refresh the list by expanding the Search on Server area and clicking Load All.
    You can click next to your Storage server to change its name within VideoXpert.


For information on configuring recording options, please refer to the VideoXpert Admin Portal User Guide