VideoXpert: How to add third party cameras to a VideoXpert Storage (VXS) server.


The site has a VXS and needs to add third party cameras to it.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


VideoXpert suite v1.11
Third party cameras


With the implementation of a VXS the use of a UDI5000-CAM is no longer required in VideoXpert.


  1. Login to Admin Portal using [Username: admin Password: your_site_specific_password].
  2. Click Devices then click Add. Select Add a Third-Party Camera...
  3. Input the IP address, username and password of the camera.
  4. If you have multiple VXS select the correct one under the first drop down menu. Select the appropriate driver under the second drop down menu then click Add.
  5. Click the Recording tab and you will see the camera added to the VXS.