Digital Sentry: Spectra Enhanced displays no video when configured to use frame rates 1- 6.


  • DS ControlPoint displays "No Video" when the Spectra Enhanced D6220 / D6230 is configured to use a frame rate between 1fps - 6fps.
  • IP Frame grabber displays the following error: Pelco: X.X.X.X:1 Invalid RTP configuration
  • May also see the error: Reconfiguring Stream failed

IP Frame Grabber error

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry
  • DS NVs
  • Spectra Enhanced
    • D6220 / D6230 v2.5.1.1 , v2.6.0.6


The Spectra Enhanced IP camera does not support a I-Frame interval (GOP) under 4.


Workaround: Change the frame rate to 10fps or higher.

Update 12/13:  This issue has been closed by engineering, the problem seems to be that the Spectra Enhanced PTZ camera does not support an I-Frame interval below 4.  Digital Sentry tries to keep the I-Frame interval at 2 I-Frames per second, so once the frame rate of 6 is selected in DS the I-Frame interval would be set to 3.....this will cause video loss. 

Note: With Spectra Enhanced firmware version, configuring the camera for 7 or 8 fps also results in video loss within Digital Sentry, this was resolved in firmware version or greater.