VideoXpert: Verifying VideoXpert Storage Device (VXS) Health


How do you verify if a VXS is recording streams and verify the overall health of the unit?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VXS  v1.1.2056.56 - v2.1.0.1196
  • VxPro v1.0.0.3085 -


Use this terminal when you need to verify the health of your VXS.


In order to verify the health of a VXS, you must do the following:

1. Open a command prompt as Admin by right-clicking the Windows icon as shown below.



2. Type the following command to enter the terminal:

telnet localhost 6666

*NOTE:  If telnet is not already installed, then you will need to run through the steps to install telnet on a Windows Server 2012 computer before you continue.



3. You should now see the welcome screen as shown below



4. Type "help" to see the list of commands available


*NOTE: The most useful commands are the ones starting with pelco, playback, and recorder



*NOTE: You can also type "help [COMMAND]" to get more info about what that specific command does as shown below:



5.  Below are screen shots of the output from some of the more useful commands as a reference:














6. To exit the terminal, press  "CTRL + D"

7. Type "exit" and hit enter to close the command prompt.