Potential Vulnerability in QuickTime for Windows


Apple is no longer supporting quicktime for windows

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Apple is no longer supporting Quicktime for windows


Kevin Saldanha, Sr. Manager- Product Management

Recent reports in mainstream press have pointed out vulnerabilities in the QuickTime Plug-in for Windows. Apple who publishes QuickTime has announced they will no longer support it and have made available instructions to un-install it here https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT205771.  
Many of our IP Cameras use QuickTime for Windows to access video via the web user interface. Typically customers use the Web client to set up cameras during installation and generally on isolated networks, when a VMS is not present. The vast majority of the time cameras are accessed for operation via Video Management Systems. So the exposure is modest. Still, if customers are concerned, best to uninstall QuickTime for Windows and use alternatives.
For most IP cameras we also provide the ability to view video via the web client using the Pelco Media Player. There is also the option of using the QuickView stream in the Web Client. Either of these options can be selected in the Live View page of the Web Client, instead of QuickTime.
Some of our cameras like Optera, don’t use QuickTime or the Pelco Media player. But still have the QuickView Option in the web client. Optera also has the Panomersive Viewer that can also be used in the absence of a VMS.
In the longer term, we are moving towards the Pelco Camera Viewer that is a standalone application that will enable you to view and set up individual cameras that are increasingly moving beyond the constraints of players like QuickTime and Pelco Media Player. The first instantiation of the Pelco Camera Viewer is targeted for release in conjunction with Sarix Enhanced Next Gen cameras in Summer.
No concerns have been raised about QuickTime for Mac and Apple continues to support it. So customers who wish to use it in conjunction with Firefox on the Mac can continue to do so.
For windows users looking to connect to our IP cameras via the Web Client, who are concerned with potential security vulnerabilities, the recommendation is to un-install QuickTime for Windows and use the alternatives mentioned above