How to edit the SM attributes using Pelco Utilities version


Camera or other attributes of an Endura device needs to be modified but is grayed out (bold) and can not be changed


Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Pelco Utilities version
  • Endura Systems - All Versions


Pelco Utilities access to functions and features are hidden or disabled


1.  Login to Pelco Utilities with username Administrator  Use the internal password provided by Tier2 Techncial Support.  Pelco Technical support can be contacted at 800.289.9100 Note:  This password changes weekly.

2.  Double click the device that needs to be changed or simply click on the Devices tab
3.  Click + until the camera or other device is located then select it
4.  Click on the SM Attributes tab
5.  Right click on the attribute that needs to be changed and select Edit Attribute
6.  Make the necessary changes then click on OK