VideoXpert: Updating Multi-Core Cluster and Accessory Servers - Best Practices


A dual core system with Accessory Servers needs to be upgraded.

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Pelco Video Management




There are no documents explaining how to update a dual core environment consisting of accessory servers.


WARNING!!!: Read all instructions in this article before proceeding. Deviating from these instructions will result in a system failure.
WARNING!!!: All updates to the Core service are incremental, meaning upgrading from VX Core version 1.11.12133(r33) must be upgraded to VX Core version v1.12.105 first, followed by a second update from VX Core version 1.12.105 to 1.12.114.  
There were significant changes made to the Mongo database between v1.11 and v1.12.

Backup the System Database before performing any System Updates.

For backing up VideoXpert 1.10 or older click here.
For backing up VideoXpert 1.11 or later click here.
For backing up VideoXpert 1.12 or later can be done from Admin Portal's Web Ui

  1. Go to Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services.
  2. Validate the following Mongo services are running on the Primary CMG.
    • MongoD
    • MongoDBConfig1
    • MongoDBConfig2
    • MongoLogRotator
    • MongoS

  3. Validate the following Mongo services are running on the Secondary CMG.
    • MongoD
    • MongoDBConfig3
    • MongoLogRotator
    • MongoS

  4. Do not update the system if these services are not present or not running. Contact Product Support (800-289-9100) for assistance.
  5. Have operators login and pull up any required streams. Once the upgrade begins, any new streams requested will fail to connect until the upgrade is finished.
  6. If the system is healthy Update the Primary Core service and wait 15 minutes.
  7. Verify system functionality (i.e. Log in to Admin Portal on the Primary CMG).
  8. Update the Secondary Core service and wait 15 minutes. Verify system functionality (i.e. Log in to Admin Portal on the Secondary CMG).  ***It is Critical that all Cores are fully updated before moving onto other service updates.***
  9. Update the Accessory server(s). See LL#18779
  10. Update the Primary Media Gateway service.
  11. Update the Secondary Media Gateway service.
  12. Verify system functionality.
  13. Once the upgrade is completed perform another backup.

v2.1 Technical Notes:
- MongoS and Mongoconfig1, 2, and 3 Windows Services will be removed during the update process along with their directories from c:\programdata\pelco\core\db\data\mongoconfig1, 2, and 3 only mongod will remain.  
- When taking a database backup in v2.1 Core, there will no longer be a configsvr subfolder.  This is by design and to be expected. database backup and restoration will not be affected due to this change.
- New Camera Authentication Icons - these icons will appear and show whether a camera is authenticated against Core.  The camera will still be functional as far as Live, Recorded, and so on but the Lock Icon may appear in orange to state that it is unauthenticated.  We recommend that you set the admin user and password against Core by using VX Toolbox, which can be set 150 cameras at a time.