SM5200 I/O check Utility


A procedure to monitor the SM5200 Input/Output is required

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Pelco Video Management


  • I/O Check Utilitiy
  • SM5200 All Models


SM5200 Input/Output monitoring is needed


Note:  Parts I, II, & III of this article only need to be ran once.  Every step in Parts IV and V will need to be ran each time a new io-check is required.

Part I:  Download file

Part II:  Create the io-check directory on the SM5200
1.  ssh into the SM5200
2.  type mkdir /home/pelco/io-check
Part III:  Copy the files to the SM5200
1.  Unzip the file, extracting the contents of the file to a designated location
2.  Right click on the SM5200, select SCP, then choose Copy files to

3.  Choose each file one at a time.  Each time add the Remote path /home/pelco/io-check then click OK
Part IV:  Run for 24 hours
1.  ssh into the SM5200
2.  type cd /home/Pelco/io-check
3.  type echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/block_dump
4.  type sh
5.  Enter h for hours
6.  Enter 24.  The message Beginning I/O data collection... will display on the monitor.  To abort the io-check utilitiy, press ctrl+z
7.  Leave the putty window open.  When the data collection is completed you will see a message “Data collection complete”
Part V:  Copy the results from SM5200 to the Desktop
1.  Right click on the SM5200, select SCP, then choose Copy Files from

2.  Enter the Remote Path /home/pelco/io-check/results

3.  There will now be a folder on the Desktop with the IP address of the SM5200, in this case which will contain the io-check results.  Zip this folder and email to the Technical Support Representative reviewing the case.