VideoXpert: How to silence the RAID controller's alarm beeper / HDD part numbers.


VideoXpert storage system has experienced HDD failure and started beeping.  The service technician would like to silence the alarm until the HDD can be replaced.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert Storage server
    • U1-VXS-XX-XX
    • E1-VXS-XX-XX
  • DSSRV2


One or more HDDs have failed.


The follwowing steps may be used to stop the beeping:

  1. Open the MegaRAID Storage Manager by double-clicking its icon on the desktop
  2. Wait for the list of controllers to populate
  3. Double-click the IP address of the system in the list of controllers (there should only be one)
  4. When prompted, enter the Windows credentials used to log into the machine
    • Default user name = pelco, password =  Pel2899100
  5. Select the 'Physical' tab
  6. Right-click the controller's "root device" in the navigation panel
  7. Select 'Silence alarm'
    • Important Note: Do not select the 'disable' option as this will prevent the controller from alerting future events
  8. Close the program and resume operation

Part numbers for replacement hard drives are:

  • DSSRV2 with VideoXpert used as storage
    • DS-EN-HDD-4TB = 4TB HDD
  • U1-VXS-xx-xx or E1-VXS-xx-xx
    • VXS-HDD-6TB = 6TB HDD