DigitalSENTRY VideoServer Service fails to start. Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly.


Windows could not start the DigitalSENTRY Video Server Service service on Local Computer. Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly.

Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Application:

Group of erros, Event ID 7060, 7015, 7010, 2026 will display

Event ID 7060:

Event ID 7015: The computer name and/or IP address is not configured correctly in the system.

Event ID 7010: Start up error 307

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DigitalSENTRY
  • DSSRV2
  • DS


DigitalSENTRY Video Server service fails to start due to the VAU being deleted.


Verify that your DS version matches your database version > Launch DS Admin expand VAU and click on the system name.


If the above is correct or missing you will need to import a backed up database or create a new database. Note: All previous settings in DS Admin are lost except for User accounts.

To import a database:

How to backup/import system configuration settings for Digital Sentry DVR/HVR/NVS?

To create a new database:

Complete the following steps to make a DS server available to your client computer:

  1. Click on the DS Admin Icon on the Desktop
  2. Click the client directory at the top of the tree to display the Available Systems directory.
  3. Right-click Available Systems and choose Add System. This opens the Add System dialog box
  4. In the System Name field, enter a name for the DS server you want to make available.
  5. Enter the static IP address of the DS server. If the server will not be connected to a network during operation, enter
  6. Enter a reconnect interval. If the client becomes disconnected from the server, it will try to reconnect after the indicated amount of time (in seconds).
  7. If you want the client to automatically connect to the server whenever the Digital Sentry client software is started, click Auto Connect.
  8. Click Save to add the server to the Available Systems list.

After the database has been imported or created, run the rebuild commands to bring in the old recorded video. If there is no previous recorded video disregard this step.

How to perform a database rebuild in a Digital Sentry system?