Sarix Pro II 2nd Generation dome IP camera PoE+ (PoE Plus) option for environmental outdoor models.


Sarix Pro II 2nd Generation dome IP camera PoE+ option for environmental outdoor models.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Sarix Pro II
    • IMP121
    • IMP221
    • IMP321
    • IMP521
  • PoE Plus


Moisture control inside the dome.


The purpose of the PoE+ (class 4) requirement in the environmental models is to improve the defogging capabilities of the camera by adding a heater ring to the lens assembly.  This design change was made to address the fogging problem we frequently had in the first generation of Sarix Professional domes. In that product, we used a desiccant bag to absorb the excess moisture. Once it was saturated, it was no longer effective.
The power management system in the NextGen Sarix Pro automatically detects the type of power applied. If PoE+ is detected at start up, then the lens heater is activated. If only PoE is detected at boot up, the heater ring will not be activated and the camera will run perfectly well on PoE albeit with reduced defogging capabilities. The Sarix Pro Next Gen cameras can start and operate all functions on PoE, they just cannot power on the heater ring.