Pelco Mobile is unable to use the 30 second playback from a DigitalSentry system.


Pelco Mobile shows "There is no recorded video available at this tmie or for the following 24 hours." when trying to use the 30 second playback feature with a DS system.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DigitalSentry
  • Pelco Mobile
  • DS Pelco API
    • DS FrameServer Service
    • DS Serenity Service
  • DS Web Service


The 30 second playback feature is not supported with the DigitalSentry in Pelco Mobile.


Pelco Mobile is not able to do the 30 second playback on the DigitalSentry system running the DS Pelco API.

DigitalSentry systems running the DS Web Service can use the 30 second playback. However the DS Web Service will need to be put on a daily restart schedule.  Follow the below link for configuration.

Configure a Windows service to restart on a schedule using Task Scheduler.

Note: DS Web Service is only officially compatible with DigitalSentry 7.3.54 - v7.7.309.

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