Sarix Enhanced II (Gen 2) default IP address.


Unable to locate the new Sarix Enhanced Gen 2 IP camera on the network using the Pelco standard default IP address of

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Sarix Enhanced Plus (Gen 2)
    • IME129, IME122, IME222, IME229, IME322, IME329
    • Firmware version


The Sarix Enhanced Plus - second generation IP camera currently is not using the standard Pelco default IP address of


As of  09/07/2016 The latest of the camera firmware has the default IP address

The camera will request DHCP first but if not offered an IP address will default to a 169.254.x.y with a subnet mask of 


Message from the installation manual:

If the camera is not connected to a DHCP server but DHCP is set to On, the default IP address on
subnet mask is automatically assigned as 169.254.x.y where x and y will take a value
from 0 to 255 randomly. Please note cameras under same subnet will not be assigned to same IP
address to avoid IP conflict.