Sarix Enhanced II (Gen 2) default IP address.


Unable to locate the new Sarix Enhanced Gen 2 IP camera on the network using the Pelco standard default IP address of

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Sarix Enhanced Plus (Gen 2)
    • IME129, IME122, IME222, IME229, IME322, IME329
    • Firmware version


The Sarix Enhanced Plus - second generation IP camera currently is not using the standard Pelco default IP address of


The camera will request DHCP first but if not offered an IP address will default to a 169.254.x.y with a subnet mask of 


Message from the installation manual:

If the camera is not connected to a DHCP server but DHCP is set to On, the default IP address on
subnet mask is automatically assigned as 169.254.x.y where x and y will take a value
from 0 to 255 randomly. Please note cameras under same subnet will not be assigned to same IP
address to avoid IP conflict.

 As of  909/07/2016 Currently in the Operations Manual it is incorrect for the camera will default to 169.254.x.y