VideoXpert: ASCII / PLC Setup


VideoXpert ASCII Integration is not functioning

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert v1.12 Suite
  • VideoXpert ASCII Translator Service version
  • .NET Framework 4.61 or later
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributables (x86)
  • ASCII Integration Service Manual (01/17)


VideoXpert ASCII Integration setup is required



  • VideoXpert v1.12 Suite
  • Dedicated VideoXpert Ops Center - Single Local Monitor
  • Dedicated PC with the following installed:  VideoXpert ASCII Translator Service version, .NET Framework 4.61 or later, and Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributables (x86)

Where can I download the Software and Documentation from PDN?  User registration to PDN (Pelco Developer Network) is required.


Where can I download the Software and Documentation from Pelco Partners First?  EULA (End User Licensing Agreement is required.


What do I need to configure on VideoXpert?  
  1. Configure a dedicated Ops Center - Single Monitor as a shared display.  Refer to Lessons Learned Article LL#18813  Note:  Multiple monitors are NOT supported
  2. Add camera numbers to cameras and encoders via VideoXpert Ops Center

How do I install the ASCIIVxTranslator Service?
Caution!!!:  Do not install this service on the VideoXpert Core.
Note:  .NET Framework 4.61 or later needs to be installed prior to the installation of ASCIIVxTranslatorService.  Failure to do so will result in the service unable to run and the installation will fail.  This service can be installed on an Ops Center or other dedicated PC.  
1.  Download and extract file 
2.  Navigate to the Setup.exe file.  Right click then select Install.  The service will install as the local system user.  Once installed, you need to complete the configuration described in the ASCII Integration Server Configuration, then restart the system or manually start the service.  On subsequent restarts of the system, the service will automatically restart.  
3.  Click on Next

5.  Click on Install

6.  Clck on Finish

7.  Navigate to the Windows Start button and type services.msc then press Enter.  Right click on ASCII Vx Translator Service and select Properties

8.  Change the startup type to Automatic then click Apply.  Next click Start then Ok 

Which files do I need to configure on the dedicated PC running the ASCII Translator Service?  
There are 6 .xml files that need to be configured and/or renamed.  First, stop the VX ASCII Translator Service.  Next configure or rename the files listed below and save.  The path for the .xml files is C:\Program Files (x86)\Pelco\ASCIIVxTranslatorService\

  1. defaultASCIIScripts.xml
  2. defaultCustomSituations.xml
  3. defaultAlarmConfiguration.xml
  4. defaultASCIICommandConfiguration.xml
  5. defaultASCIIEventServerSettings.xml
  6. defaultMonitorToCellMap.xml

ASCIIScripts.xml (Required)

  • Rename defaultCustomSituations.xml to CustomSituations.xml
  • Save the file

CustomSituations.xml (Required)

  • Rename defaultCustomSituations.xml to CustomSituations.xml
  • Save the file

AlarmConfiguration.xml (Required)
  • Rename defaultAlarmConfiguration.xml to AlarmConfiguration.xml
  • Save the file

ASCII CommandConfiguration (Required)
  • Rename defaultASCIICommandConfiguration.xml to ASCIICommandConfiguration.xml
  • Save the file

MonitorToCellMap.xml (Required)

  • Rename defaultMonitorToCellMap.xml to MonitorToCellMap.xml
  • Save the file
ASCIIEventServerSettings (Required)
This file includes the VideoXpert username and password login credentials.  In the file below the default username admin and password Pel2899100 are Base64 encoded.  See  This file also includes the default serial port settings for the ASCII communication.  The serial port settings need to be adjusted here if the 3rd party ASCII interface settings can not meet our default settings.
  • Add VideoXpert Core IP Address.  Example
  • Add VideoXpert port to 443
  • Add or change the VxUsername to YWRtaW4=
  • Add or change the VxPassword to UGVsMjg5OTEwMA==
  • The default serial port settings are COM1, 19200, None, 8 bits, 1 stop
  • Rename defaultASCIIEventServerSettings to ASCIIEventServerSettings
  • Save the file

Wiring the 
Connect a null modem cable from the PLC to the PC that is running the ASCII Translator Service.  Verify that the serial port settings match the ASCIIEventServerSettings, see pic above.  

ASCII Command Set 
The ASCII command set can be found in the ASCII Integration Service document.  This document is included in the download package from Pelco PDN or Partner's First page.