VXS: How to access the SuperMicro hardware web interface.


  • How do you access the hardware status of the fans or power supply on Video Xpert Storage?
  • The VXS "Unit Status" LED is blinking RED, how to determine failure?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Video Xpert
  • Video Xpert Storage
  • VXS


Hardware status information not mentioned in the Video Xpert Storage web interface needs to be known.


To see the hardware configuration and status the IPMI Console needs to be able to be accessed.  This can be accessed either through serial or IP connections.  An ethernet service port on the Video Xpert Server is how you can access the IP address of the IPMI console through its web interface. It is above the USB 3.0 ports.  A picture of the port is below:

Video Xpert Service Port


Configuring the IPMI in the BIOS
  1. When powering up the unit hit the DEL key on the keyboard numberpad  to enter the BIOS
  2. Once in the BIOS navigate to the IMPI option with the arrow keys
  3. Select the BMC Network Configuration and press Enter
  4. Select Update IPMI LAN Configuration, press Enter and select YES
  5. Configure the Address Source for DHCP or Static.
    • Note: If you select static configure the IP address , subnet mask, and default gateway.  Those fields should go to zeros before you configure them.
      VXS Storage Bios
  6. Connect the service port to a network


Accessing the IPMI web interface 
  1. Verify that you can ping the IPMI network address configured above
  2. Type the IP address into a web browser. The below login page should appear.
    SuperMicro Login
  3. The default username is ADMIN and the password is ADMIN
  4. If asked about running the latest Java (TM) Runtime Environment select 'Cancel'

From here you can find various configuration settings, logs, and server health reports. Here we will just focus on some Server Health options.

Server Health

- Senor Reading - This page displays system sensor information, including readings and status of the hardware components.
- Event Log -  Shows the hardware events of the system
- Power consumption - This page displays Power consumption information, including Maximum, Minimum and Average Power consumption in the last hour, day and week.
- Power Source - show the current readings of power supplies. Also shows the temperature from the power supplies
For more information regarding the SuperMicro SMT IPMI interface and settings click the below link:
Note: In the site's Resources list select the IPMI Manual (SMT