How to Capture D or P Protocol Data from a NET55XXT


PTZ Issuse Requiring Capture of Data output from NET55XXT

Product Line

Pelco Video Management




PTZ Data Output Capturing 


1.  In order to capture data from the NET55XXT, you must first download and install the following tool to capture the data: BreakoutApp

2. After installing the BreakoutApp, Launch the App and Go To the File drop down Menu and Select Settings to configure the Baud Rate, Parity, Data Size, and Stop Bits as seen in the example below.


3.  Cut up a cable with a DB9 connector, and using the pins highlighted in the example below connect to the NET55XXT TX+ and TX- of the Terminal Block of the NET55XXT.  The far left pin should be connect to TX+ and the pin to the right of it should be connected to TX- of the Terminal Block.

4. Connect the newly made DB9 cable to the COM1 of your PC.

5. Go to the Capture drop down Menu and Select Start Capture.


6. Go to the Data Format drop down Menu and Select D Protocol.


7. Go to the Options drop down Menu and Select High Res Time Stamp.


5. Go back to the Ops Center and Reproduce the issue by using PTZ, once the data is present in the BreakoutApp: you can go to the File drop down Menu and Select Save Displayed Data.  The file will automatically be saved as a .cap file with the Date and Time stamp in the Filename, simply change the extension of the File from .cap to .txt and you will be able to read the file via Notepad or Notepad++.