VideoXpert: How Daylight Savings Time (DST) is observed.


DST is coming up and integrators / customers have questions on how it will be observed on the OpsCenter clients.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


VideoXpert suite v1.11
VideoXpert Storage v1.11
VSM5200 v2.4.6
Daylight Savings Time


DST happens twice a year in the U.S. 


Provided that everything is syncing correctly to the NTP source, the below will be observed in an OpsCenter client.

The below screenshots are from an Optera camera on a VideoXpert Storage server. The timeline on any IP camera on the VSM5200 will look identical.

When DST goes back an hour:

  • The graph will display 0100 - 0159 before DST.
  • The graph will display 0100 - 0159 again after DST occurs.
  • The graph will display 0200 onwards normally.


When DST goes forward an hour:

  • The graph will display 0100 - 0159 before DST.
  • When DST occurs the graph will then immediately display 0300. You will not see a gap nor a 0200 - 0300 section on the search bar.