VideoXpert event management.


During normal day-to-day operations, specific users are required to receive and respond to system events.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


VideoXpert ver 1.11


The VideoXpert system must be configured to notify users of system events.


When configuring event notification, the following areas will be required to be configured:

  • Roles
  • Events
  • Users

Event notification is configured by assigning specific events to roles, then assign the roles to user

The following is an overview of the steps required:

  1. Log into the admin portal as an administrator user.
  2. Review the event types listed within the product documentation and decide which users need to respond or be notified of specific event types.
    1. Within the admin portal, click the 'Documentation' link in the upper-right corner.
    2. Review the 'Event Types and Reporting' section for a list of available events
    3. Decide which role will be notified of specific events
  3. Create roles that will be associated to the events.
    1. In admin portal, go to 'Users' tab
    2. At the top of the 'Users' tab, select 'Roles'
    3. Select an existing role
      • Or, click 'New Role' at the bottom of the page, name the role, hit 'Save'
    4. Assign appropriate permissions under 'Event Management' in the middle pane.  The list of available permissions is:
      • Handle Events
      • Configure Events
      • View Event History
  4. Assign appropriate roles to the users.
    • More than one role can be assigned per user
  5. Assign severity levels to individual event types and assign event types to previously created roles.
    1. In admin portal, select the 'Events' tab
    2. Click 'Manage Events' at the top of the page
    3. Click on the desired event type
      • The 'Show' filter at the top of the list may be used to narrow down the number of Event Types you are interested in
    4. Choose desired notification options in the pop up window
      • A 'Notification Type' must be set in order to assign the event to a role (click the pencil icon to edit)
      • Click the pencil icon in the 'User Roles to Notify' section to assign this event to a role

When an event that a user is subscribed to occurs, that user will see a couple of things within Ops Center:

  • A small window with event information and acknowledgement options will come up in the center of the display

  • The alarm icon in the bottom right corner will turn red and show the number of unacknowledged events

There are other features and functions associated to events, such as event recording, bump on alarm, event logs, and alarm sequencing that are beyond the scope of this article.

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