VideoXpert: Virtual PTZ does not function in VX Ops Center from Oncam Grandeye EVO IP cameras recording to a Digital Sentry VMS.


Unable to virtual PTZ (dewarp) Oncam Grandeye Evolution IP cameras in VideoXpert Ops Center which are recording to a Digital Sentry video recorder.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry v7.9 and above.
  • DS NVs
  • VideoXpert v1.9 and below.


1. VideoXpert software versions 1.9 and below do not support native virtual PTZ (dewarping) with Oncam Grandeye Evolution IP cameras.

2. Digital Sentry Software versions 7.14 and below do not advertise Oncam cameras as Immersive cameras.


1. Upgrade to VideoXpert software version 1.10 or greater.

2. Upgrade to Digital Sentry 7.15 or greater.


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