VideoXpert: Best Practices when configuring NTP Severs and Clients


Time on a VideoXpert system is critical for proper functionality.

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Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


All VideoXpert Components
All Cameras or Encoders


Improper setup can cause devices to display a wide range of symptoms including the wrong time on the overlay, connect failed messages and failure to record.


This article will cover NTP Server and Client configurations for an Active Active Failover System whereas the Accessory Server is the primary NTP server with an external NTP server.

Note:  Ensure that all Firewalls on VideoXpert CMG, VXS, and Ops Centers are turned Off

VideoXpert: Accessory Server NTP setup

VideoXpert: CMG / VXS NTP setup and validation

VideoXpert: OpsCenter and Enhanced Decoders NTP setup and validation

VideoXpert: VSM5200 NTP setup and validation