How to factory default the NSM5200 from command line.


The NSM5200 is in a corrupted state and the webui cannot be accessed.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


NSM5200 version 2.4.3 and higher.


Corrupt NSM5200 database may exhibit the following symptoms:
  • Unable to access the NSM web interface.
  • Error when accessing  the NSM Pool settings from the web interface
  • NVR association issues
  • The number of members listed in the web interface of the pool manager does not match what is listed in PAL or NSTERM


  1. Login locally using [Username: root Password: pel2899100].
  2. Type: cd /root/.DONOTRUN/ click Enter.
  3. Decide which option to use.
    • -a Delete all video and reset configuration.
    • -v Delete video only.
    • -c Delete configuration only.
  4. Example: /root/.DONOTRUN/reset_defaults -c