VideoXpert: Accessory Server NTP setup


Time on a VideoXpert system is critical for proper functionality.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


VideoXpert v1.12
Accessory Server v1.3


Improper setup can cause devices to display a wide range of symptoms including the wrong time on the overlay, connect failed messages and failure to record.


The Accessory Server can be setup as a NTP server or NTP client. The below are brief descriptions of each function.
  • NTP Server - Select this option to have the Accessory Server provide time to the VideoXpert system.
    • Get time from another NTP Server - Select this sub option if you have an external NTP device that you want the Accessory Server to sync to (ie Spectracom GPS clocks). 
    • Manually enter current time - Select this sub option if there is no other NTP device on the network other than the Accessory Server.
  • NTP Client - Select this option if you want the Accessory Server to obtain time from an external NTP device. 


In the below example we will setup the Accessory Server to point to an external NTP server on the network.

  1. Navigate to the webpage of the Accessory Server.
  2. Click the Configure tab. 
  3. Input the admin password.
  4. Select Enable NTP Server.
  5. Select Get time from another NTP Server.
  6. Type in the IP address of the external NTP device.
  7. Click Save Configuration. A prompt will appear indicating the system was successfully configured.

  8. To verify a CMG / VXS is syncing correctly to it see LL#18510.