How to use Pelco Utilities to set the NTP server address on multiple Pelco IP cameras on the network.


There are multiple IP cameras that need to have the NTP server address configured.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • IMP
  • IME
  • IMP+
  • IME+
  • Optera
  • Spectra HD/Spectra Enhanced
  • Pelco Utilites


Pelco Utilities needs to be upgraded to have the functionality to set the NTP address on Sarix IP cameras.


  1. First login to Pelco Utilites as an administartor. 
  2. Under the System Attributes tab select the Model camera where you want to set the NTP server. Then hold the Ctrl key and left click all the cameras in the right side list to select them.
  3. Right click the selected cameras and go to .Device Actions > Set NTP address.  If it is not preset then try logging in with the Internal version and verify you are running Pelco Utilites 2.10

  4. You will the be prompted for the username and password to the camera(s). 
  5. Then set the NTP address in at the next prompt.
  6. Verify the NTP address has been set in the cameras' web page.