VideoXpert: VSM5200 NTP setup and validation


Time on a VideoXpert system is critical for proper functionality.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


VideoXpert v1.12


Improper setup can cause devices to display a wide range of symptoms including the wrong time on the overlay, connect failed messages and failure to record.


VSM5200 NTP Setup:

  1. Login to the webpage of the VSM5200. The default credentials are [Username: admin Password: admin].
  2. Next to Time Zone, select the appropriate location.
  3. Next to NTP server type the IP address of the SM5200, VideoXpert Accessory Server, or the VIP if running in dual core environment.
  4. Click Save if needed.


Validate the VSM5200 is syncing with the NTP device:

  1. Launch Putty. If it is not installed, download it here.
  2. Under Host Name (or IP address type in the IP address of the VSM5200 then click Open.
  3. If a Putty Security Alert screen appears click Yes.
  4. Login with [Username: root Password: pel2899100].
  5. Type ntpq -p then click Enter.
  6. It should show an (*) next to the IP address of the NTP server specificied during the VSM5200 configuration. If services were restarted it may take up to 15 minutes for it to sync.
  7. Type date then click Enter.
  8. It should show the correct time and date.