Sigma parallel port dongle or USB dongle upgrade to software license


The steps detailed in the resolution of this article may result in a loss of critical data if not performed properly. Before beginning these steps, make sure all important data is backed up in the event of data loss. If you are unsure, please contact Product Support Services prior to attempting the procedure below.


Sigma parallel port dongle or USB dongle upgrade to software license

Product Line

Satchwell Sigma


Sigma version 4.08


It is increasingly becoming harder to purchase computers with parallel ports.

With the increase use of virtual computer operating systems USB ports may not be available.

∴ A different type of Sigma licensing will be required.


PSS can arrange for an upgrade from the parallel port or USB type Sigma dongle to a software license entitlement for Sigma 4.0.8.

Sites running Sigma 4.07 or older would need to be upgraded to Sigma version 4.08 that has support for the software licensing option.

Sigma Software license type availabiliy is documented on page 8 in the Sigma 4.08 release note, you can download a copy here.

For engineers using Sigma 4.08:
The StruxureWare Building Operation Evaluation License, available from the Schneider Electric Download Center, will unlock the Sigma 4.08 for testing etc for the period of the Evaluation License (maximum 3 months or until the expiry of the downloaded license).

For customer’s sites using Sigma 4.08:
To reduce the Sigma system downtime, currently PSS operate on a trust basis and provide the software license in advance.
PSS require you to send the old Sigma dongle back to the PSS representative that is assisting you with your license upgrade. This should be completed within 30 days of receiving your software license.
Once you receive the software license entitlement for Sigma. Install the SBO License Server version 1.6 or later. (it is recommended that the latest available version of the SBO License Server is used).


Open a case with Product Support Services (PSS)
The PSS representative, that accepts the case, will send you an excel spreadsheet.
To complete this spreadsheet, you will be required to carry out the following: -

  • Request approval from the category manager for your area (various contacts listed on the spreadsheet).
  • Return the completed spreadsheet to the PSS representative that has your case.
  • PSS will provide a software license that unlocks the options your current dongle holds licenses for.

Note: If your current Sigma dongle contains Remote Alarm Manager licensing, Remote Alarm Manager does not support the SBO license server option and would require a separate license and installed on a seperate computer. The USB dongle can still be used or a TAC license server type can be used instead of the dongle.

To install the software licensing option for Sigma 4.08: -

  • Stop the Sigma server service.
  • Install SBO License Administrator.
  • Add your entitlement to the SBO License Server.
  • Start the Sigma server service.
  • Sigma should now be licensed.