If two or more VXS units are being monitored by a single VXS failover unit, will the failover record all the cameras from both failed recorders or just the cameras from the first VXS to fail?


How does failover work when two VXS units fail and there is only one VXS failover?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


VideoXpert Storage version 1.12


Two or more VXS units fail that are being monitored by a single VXS failover.


The VXS failover unit will record all data sources from all of the failover VXS units it is monitoring up to its maximum capacity of 450 Mbps or 300 cameras.


*NOTE: In the example shown below, if one VXS is recording 10 cameras and the seconds VXS is recording 20 cameras

and both units fail, the failover VXS will record all 30 cameras, as long as the total capacity of 450 Mbps is not reached

and the total camera count is 300 or less.