VideoXpert: How to enable a notification for Arbiter Service failure


Enabling a notification for Accessory Server Arbiter Service failure

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert
  • 2x CMGs 1.11 -1.12.1
  • Accessory Server


Currently in VX 1.12.1 there is no specific notification for Arbiter Service failures.


Current work around: Enable System/Fault event notification.

The system fault notification with "Fault code: 3" means that one of the nodes in the cluster (Primary Core, Secondary Core, or Arbiter) is in an unhealthy state. We can configure this event so that if the Arbiter service goes down, we are notified. 

  1. Log into Admin portal
  2. Click on the Events Tab
  3. Click "Manage Events"
  4. Show "system"
  5. Click on "fault"
  6. Enable the notification.
  7. Click Done.

The notification in Ops center will look like the following:


The event will show the following details in Admin Portal Event Viewer:


*Note: This event does not guarantee that the Arbiter is down. It means at least one of the 3 nodes (Core1, Core2, or Arbiter) is down. If device offline notifications are enabled, then you will get those notifications as well as the system fault for CMGs that are down. Receiving this message by itself when device offline notifications are enabled, means that the Arbiter service is down.