VideoXpert: How to configure 2 monitors with or without an Enhanced Decoder.


Configuring 2 monitors on an Ops Center

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Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert
  • Ops Center


A new 2 monitor Ops Center needs to be configured.


Two monitor setup without a decoder

  • The Ops Center comes with 2 Display ports, a DVI port and a VGA port.
  • Use any combination of 2 of the supplied ports to directly connect monitors
  • Note: single monitor performance is split between the 2 monitors. 8x 1080P 30fps streams total can be viewed.


Two monitor setup with a decoder 

  1. Connect your local monitor to the DVI port or a DisplayPort.
  2. Terminate the VGA port with a terminator.
  3. Boot up the decoder and wait for the white screen displaying its IP address.
  4. In windows, re-arrange your monitors to the same way they are physically laid out.
    1. (WIN7) Right click your desktop, click "Screen resolution"
    2.  Drag your monitors to match the physical layout. Click Ok.
  5. Launch Ops Center software and log in with localadmin/localadmin
  6. Input the settings specific to your site then click Configure Monitors. The below is only an example.
  7. Click Monitor 1 and validate it is set for Direct.
  8. Click Monitor 2 and select Decoder. Input the IP address listed on the decoder then click Connect. If this is the first time connecting or if a new Ops Center version was installed an update will be applied to the decoder. It will reboot and then display the background image.
  9. Click Finish and Save.

Note: The Matrox card is not needed for either of these setups.  If one of the screens is black, press the Windows Key + p and set to Extend