How to add a IP camera to a network


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No documents on how to add an ip camera to a network.


  1. Depending on what type of power the IP camera requires here is how to add an ip camera to a network system.
  2. Connect the network camera to your local area network ( LAN). 
  3. Plug an Ethernet cable (Example CAT5) into the Ethernet socket.
  4. Plug the other end of the cable to a router, switch ( AKA gateway or access point.)
  5. If your network is setup for DHCP then allow the camera a few minutes to connect to the DHCP server to obtain an IP address.
  6. If No DHCP is found, most of our Pelco ip cameras will default to
  7. Once the camera is installed you can use a network searching tool like Pelco Utilities click HERE
  8. If the camera cannot be found with Pelco utilities, you can try to ping the camera in a dos prompt.
  9. Go to Start, run, type CMD then enter.
  10. You can try to ping by typing Ping -t (This will do a continue ping on the camera until you press CTRL+C)
  11. If the ping does not reply, try to ping once more.
  12. The ip camera might need to be factory defaulted if ping does not reply.
  13. Depending on the model number of the IP camera will depend on how to default it.
  14. Once the cameras ip address is found you can connect the web browser to it and verify that you have video.