How to control a PTZ connected to a NET5500 Series


  • First time setup
  • No control to PTZ

Product Line

Other, Pelco Cameras, Pelco Transmission & Power


  • NET5500 series



First time setup


  1. Make all necessary connection to NET5500 series 
    Note: You can connect the encoder to a PC in the same network and control or manipulate it on the PC monitor.

  2. Entering the IP address of the camera as a URL into the web browser. 
  3. Click on Login on the live screen 
  4. Enter your User and Password. (Default user name: admin, Password admin)
  5. Select Settings/Camera Configuration/PTZ Settings then per installation Select Protocol and Save.

  6. Select Live then confirm PTZ movement by clicking on the arrow buttons. 
    Note: For NET5504/NET5508/NET5516 you will have to select channel that has been configure.