Programming a WLEDS-50 using the Remote Control (RC-LED).


  • Unable to program the WLEDS-50 using the RC-LED remote control.
  • RC-LED remote control not responding to the WLEDS-50.

Product Line

Other, Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • WLEDS-50 LED Illuminator
  • IR850
  • RC-LED Remote Control


The RC-LED remote control is not responding to the WLEDS-50.


CAUTION: IR emitted from this product - Risk Group 2. Avoid prolonged eye exposure or use appropriate shielding or eye protection at distances of less than 1500mm.
Risk Group 2 for cornea/lens infrared hazard. At a distance of more than 1500mm for all IR850 products or 1300mm for all IR940 products the unit is in the exempt group.


To program the WLEDS-50.

Power the WLEDS-50 Illuminator using low voltage input 12/24V AC/DC.

Configuration and final setup is done by using the Remote Control (RC-LED) - this is an optional accessory.  

NOTE: If the Remote Control was not purchased, the Illuminator will sitll work using the default settings.

Unit is factory-set to turn on/off automatically from Photocell and will be using Medium Sensitivity.

Please note that the unit stays in programming mode for 4 weeks or until the remote control set-up disabled.

Most functions respond immediately to pressing the required button.
NOTE: The Restore Factory Default and the Disable Remote Control Set-up buttons requires to be held for 4 seconds continuously to avoid accidental programming.

Power Adjust:
The power output of the Illuminator can be adjusted between 5 preset levels. To select the require light intensity use the buttons 1-5 listed under POWER.


Photocell Sensitivity: Select the require sensitivity level threshold at which the photocell turns the Illuminator on/off.

Note: When the photocell disable button is selected, this means that the Illuminator will turn on/off from a telemetry input regarless of amblent lightning conditions.


Checking the LED status indicator- If a flashing red light is visible in programming mode, check the input voltage of the unit.

When unit is in Programming Mode:

SOLID GREEN - Power Applied

FLASHING GREEN - Remote IR receiver problem

SOLID RED - Internal LED Fault Detected

FLASHING RED - Voltage supply problem detected
Note: once the voltage problem has been corrected, the user must disable remote control set-up or power the unit on and off to stop the red status LED flashing.

SOLID AMBER - Valid command being received, remains lid for the duration that the button on the remote is held. After a valid command has been received the Amber LED will contrinue to flash.


When the unit is in Normal Operation Mode:

SOLID GREEN - Unit power up and operating normally

FLASHING GREEN - Remote IR receiver problem

SOLID RED - Internal LED fault detected

SOLID AMBER - Voltage supply power detected.


If unit is not responding to the remote:

  • Programming may be disable. Turn power off/on to ensure the unit returns to program mode.
  • Status indicator may be turn off. Turn on the remote.
  • In extreme sunlight conditions, distance between the remote and the unit may need to be reduced.
  • Battery failure. Check the battery on the remote (CR2025). Test for 3 volts, replace if necessary.
  • Remote failure.


 To enable the programming mode again after remote set-up has been disable, The unit must be power off for at least 10 seconds and then power it on again.