VxPro: How to re-image VxPro Eco100(T130) and Flex300(T330) hardware.


VxPro hardware needs to be re-imaged.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VxPro
  • Eco100(T130)
  • Flex300(T330)


A VxPro system may need to be reimaged in one or more of the following circumstances...

  • Due to a corrupt operating system preventing unit bootup or other critical functionality.
  • Operating System Media has failed and been replaced with a new/empty media.
  • Last resort to get a non-functional system running.


1. Create a bootable USB recovery drive using LL#11616. Use NTFS instead of FAT32. Download the correct recovery image below.
2. Plug in the USB into the hardware and reboot.
3. Once the screen goes black, tap F2 until the following screen is shown.
4. Hit F11 to enter the boot manager.
5. Select One-shot BIOS Boot Menu. Click Enter.
6. Select the USB Flash drive. Click Enter.
7. The VideoXpert Professional Factory Restore Screen appears.
Menu for ECO server 

8. Select option 2 For ECO server.