VideoXpert: How to reimage a D10U enhanced decoder.


The software is corrupted and needs to be restored to a factory default state.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VideoXpert
  • D10U Enhanced Decoder (Optiplex 7040M)
  • D10U Enhanced Decoder (Optiplex 7050M)


  • Unstable / corrupt software
  • An update failed to apply correctly and the decoder is in an unusable state.


Note: If you are reimaging a D09U( Optiplex 9020M) Enhanced Decoder do not follow this tutorial. Follow LL#17307 instead

Section 1: Create a bootable USB

     1. Download the image for your specific hardware: 

     2. Plug in a USB with at least 4GB storage to your workstation.

     3. Right click the drive and select Format.

     4. Format the file system to FAT32 and leave Quick Format checked.

     5. Click Start.

     6. Once formatting is complete, drag the contents of the image zip file into the empty drive.

     7. Navigate into utils\win32 and double-click the makeboot.bat script.

     8. Ensure the drive letter shown is indeed the drive letter of the USB.

     9. Hit  any key to continue.


Section 2: Reimaging the decoder

     1. Insert the USB key.

     2. Power on the decoder and tap the F12 key and when the prompt appears, select the USB key and click OK.

     3. Click Enter to begin the recovery process once the below screen appears.

     4. Once the recovery process starts, you will need to type Y and hit Enter twice. The screen will look like the following.

     5. At the next screen select Reboot.

     6. Remove the USB key.


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