DS ControlPoint prompts to update password but Old password is unknown.


  • Forgot login credentials for DS ControlPoint

  • Password has expired for user account
  • "User must change password at next logon" is greyed out.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DSSRV2
  • DS NVs
  • DS ControlPoint
  • DS Admin


  • User forgot his user credential to the Digital Sentry
  • In DS Admin "Password never expires" was never set.


If the "Old password" is unknown, then password must be reset in ds admin by another admin account

  1. Open DS Admin with another admin account (default user/password: admin)
  2. Select "User Administration" on the left side of the tree.
  3. Select the user name that needs to be change 

  4. Select "Change Password" and enter new password then press OK

  5. To refresh the menu, select one of the other user account, then reselect the user account the password was change on.
  6. Put a check mark in "Password never expires", then press Save.
    Note: Confirm "Password age (days)" is set to 120

  7. Open DS Controlpoint and select "Systems" tab 
  8. Right click the system that the password was change and select "Edit system"

  9. Enter new password then press Ok

  10. Right click system and select Connect.